Friday, April 15, 2016

The Feeling of Greatest Importance

One important truth that President Eyring shares in his talk is surprisingly easy to overlook, but is expressed nicely by the following image.

True, pure love is easily the most important feeling a person can feel. Feeling the love others have for us can be a great comfort to us in this world of turmoil and strife, and feeling that kind of love for others motivates the greatest acts of kindness and goodness. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were motivated by their deep love for us when they created and redeemed the world. Similarly, I believe that the greatest acts we will ever do are the ones motivated by this love. Feeling pure love for others and feeling others' love for us can help us make the best decisions in life and give us the courage to press on. It's no wonder that God encourages us to express and act on this genuine love. It's the feeling that most helps us to become like Him.

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