Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Spirit and the "Why" of the Gospel

Elder Kim B. Clark of the Seventy spoke about the need to have the Spirit with us. He spoke about those who didn't recognise Jesus Christ during His mortal ministry because they didn't have His Spirit in them to testify of Him. We need to have that Spirit in us just as much today as they did back then, if not more so. Elder Clark reminded us, as if we needed reminding, that "Our time is a dangerous time—a time of great evil and temptation, a time of confusion and commotion." In this time of trouble, we need the guiding voice of the Spirit to show us what paths to take, and we need the inspiring and testifying voice of the Spirit to remind us both that and why it all matters.

In the past, some people failed to follow Jesus because they were more interested in the things of the world than the things of the Spirit. Today, the world is more interesting than ever before. We need to cultivate the Spirit inside us to inspire us to keep following the path of Jesus Christ. We don't need reminding that we live in a troubled world, but we do need reminding that the solution to all of life's troubles is Jesus Christ.

In times when I've lost my connection to the Spirit, I've felt myself drift into apathy, wondering why and even if anything in life really mattered. Thankfully, through the guiding and teaching voice of the Spirit, I've been reminded, repeatedly, that there is a purpose to life, and we need to follow the teachings of Christ in order to fulfil it. I'm thankful for the Spirit showing me not only how to follow the path of Christ, but why it's important to.

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