Monday, February 11, 2019

Collaborative Story-Crafting

One thing I love about running games of D&D is that it lets me help create stories. Granted, the stories I write are all very simple stories, and they're really more like outlines for stories than fleshed-out, fully-written stories themselves, but that's part of the magic. I bring my story ideas to the table, and the other players interact with the story in unique ways, making the stories theirs as much as they are mine. It's a collaborative effort, and I really love those.

I wonder how much our lives are like that. I'm sure God has plans for our lives, plans that are specific enough to have some structure but also general enough to grant us some flexibility. Sometimes we follow His plans closely, and sometimes we go off on tangents. Either way, it's a gripping story, and being part of the collaborative effort can be richly rewarding.

Still, as a new DM, I have realized how much I rely on some cooperation from my players, and as a long-time player, I've learned that the adventure is often better when we don't go too far off the rails. Players and DMs need to work together to craft the best stories possible.

I like having freedom, but I also like good stories, and I love it when stories end well. So, while I still intend to enjoy the amount of freedom God gives me, I'm also going to try to follow His plan for me. He has (at least an outline of) a great story prepared for me, and I would love to help Him tell it.

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