Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Support Elder Robarts

1) Pray for him

2) Write to him. (addresses below his picture on the left)

Please, please write to him when he is in the field.

First-Class Mail International Postcards, letters to 1 ounce $0.72 to Canada
Here is a link to US postage rates

A convenient way to write to a missionary is Dear You can even write to multiple missionaries at once with personal notes to individuals (optional) and one letter to each of them. Dear Elder. com types up the letter - stationary and envelope at no charge - and just charges you the postage.

Andrew has a Dear Elder website

3) Financially - if you have/can commit to regular monthly contributions - TERRIFIC! Thank you! - It is requested that the first payment be made by the 1st of the month that he enters the MTC, that is by April 1st.

If you cannot commit to regular monthly contributions, but might be able to donate occasionally. Terrific! Thank you!

So far, the ward is expecting to have to pay about half of his $400/month expenses. Every little bit would help.

Either way - if you are LDS or have access to "tithing envelopes" through a Mormon friend - send a check made out to Perkins Ward with a tithing slip indicating "Andrew Robarts" on the Ward Missionary Line.

If you don't have a tithing slip, but write Andrew Robarts' mission on the check, they will get it correctly.

Mail donations to Bishop Ronald E. Young
Perkins Ward
9413 Roseport Way
Sacramento, CA 95826
 02/10 We have new Bishop.  Mail donations to
Bishop Gene Adair
Perkins Ward
8951 Canberra Dr
Sacramento, CA 95826-4450

Remember, while the envelope is addressed to Bishop Adair, make the check out to "Perkins Ward" and note that it is for "Andrew Robarts' mission."

I have instructed my credit union to mail checks directly to the Bishop at the above address each month with "Andrew Robarts " as the "account number." Bishop says that works.

If you wish to make small personal monetary gifts directly to Andrew for personal expenses, etc. the best way is to give me the money to put in his account. I will tell him of your gift. He has an account here with a debit card he should be able to use pretty much anywhere. Sending cash (from America) or checks directly to him would be problematical for him. I know it is easier and more fun to pop it in the mail to him yourself, but not easier for him.

4) Care packages to the same address as letters & see #2 for postage rates-
Treats to eat - things that dont' crumble easily
even though it takes a long time to get there, I hear missionaries like homemade cookies a lot -
red whips
lip balm, sunscreen, -
See his "wish list" in the margin
Any returned missionaries are more than welcome to tell us what they especially liked getting!

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