Monday, October 26, 2009

October 22 was Elder Robarts' 6 month anniversary

last week (but maybe too late for him to read it then) Mom emailed him:

Happy 6 Month Anniversary this Thursday!
Do you plan to burn anything?

Love, Mom
Elder Robarts replied:
Dear Mom,

Thanks! ^^
Nope, no burning. Maybe I'll burn a tie on my yearmark.

By the way, you'll be very proud of me when you hear that I remembered to start using a new toothbrush like you're supposed to every 6 months. ^^

Love, your dentally higenic, non-pyro missionary, Elder Andrew Robarts

I am so proud of him.  Do I tell him that you are supposed to change it every 3 months?  Unless, he has a decent electric one.  Supposedly they last 6 months.

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