Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tests of Strength

The purpose of my Primary lesson tomorrow is "To help the children understand that trials and tests of faith can strengthen us if we are faithful and obedient," so that's what I'm going to try to do. Toward the end of the lesson, I am going to testify to the strengthening power of tests. I'll compare these tests to exercise, noting that our bodies get stronger when we perform physically difficult tasks. Similarly, when we perform spiritually difficult tasks, like fasting, resisting temptation, and obeying the commandments, our spirits grow stronger. Going out on what turned out to be a "pointless" expedition and facing such great hardships without complaining must have been a great test of faith for Zion's Camp, and many of the men couldn't manage it, but those who did endure those hardships without complaining showed and developed great spiritual strength.

We need great spiritual strength in order to face the challenges of today's world, so it's more important than ever for God to test our faith and faithfulness so they can grow. The tests and challenges we face are difficult, and they cause some people to become bitter and angry, but if we are faithful, we can use these tests and challenges to develop our spiritual strength. We can view each experience we have and each choice we make as a kind of practice or exercise, with the purpose of helping us gain the strength to pass our next tests and overcome our next challenges. The men of Zion's Camp faced challenges that helped strengthen them for the challenges that lied ahead, and I'm sure that my Primary class will, too, so with this lesson, I'm going to try to help the children develop a positive attitude about tests and trials, knowing that these tests can help make them stronger.

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