Friday, January 19, 2018

A Time and a Season

Paul's epistle to the Ecclesiastes tells us that "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" (Ecc. 3:1). For me, today was a time to do laundry and homework, and tomorrow will be a time to finalize my lesson plans, do some chores, and possibly run a few errands. Now that school has started up again and I have more time-based obligations, like getting to school and work on time and getting my homework done by a certain date, I find myself scheduling out my obligations and planning when I'm going to fulfil them.

Thankfully, I've got the time to meet my obligations. I know people who have a much tighter schedule than I do and who have a much harder time finding the time to do everything they need to do. Those people tend to rely on schedules to make sure they use their time as optimally as possible. I do not have a tendency to use my time optimally. That's why I think that having a weekly schedule is good for me. By requiring myself (or, more accurately, by being required) to get certain things done by certain times, I find that I have more periods of planned, focussed productivity, and I get more done that way.

Now, I didn't spend any time today preparing for my lesson on Sunday. I didn't plan to. I've been building up to it over the last few days, and I'm going to make it my primary focus tomorrow (no pun intended). Today was laundry and homework day, as Fridays will be for me for the next several weeks, and that structure is something that I think will really help me keep myself organized and get my assignments done on time. It's something I've been missing for the past few weeks of my life, and something that I am grateful to get back, even if it means I spent much of the day doing laundry and homework.

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