Friday, January 12, 2018

Prophetic Promises about the Book of Mormon

Given that President Nelson was already a prophet when he gave his most recent General Conference talk, that means that his counsel was already prophetic counsel, and his promises were already prophetic promises. As such, I would like to share some of the counsel and promises he made in that talk, focusing particularly on one paragraph from his talk:
My dear brothers and sisters, I promise that as you prayerfully study the Book of Mormon every day, you will make better decisions—every day. I promise that as you ponder what you study, the windows of heaven will open, and you will receive answers to your own questions and direction for your own life. I promise that as you daily immerse yourself in the Book of Mormon, you can be immunized against the evils of the day, even the gripping plague of pornography and other mind-numbing addictions.
I am not the wisest person in the world. I could stand to make better decisions more frequently. I wouldn't mind getting some answers and directions, and I certainly wouldn't mind being "immunized against the evils of the day," especially if those evils include giving and taking offence. These promises are ones that I would like to see realized in my life. And I know that if I'd like to receive the blessings of prophetic promises, I had better follow the wisdom of prophetic counsel.

I read the Book of Mormon daily with my family, but I haven't been as faithful with my personal scripture study, and I certainly haven't spent much time studying and pondering the scriptures. I have a long way to go before I can say that I "daily immerse [my]self in the Book of Mormon," but if I want those blessings, that's what I've got to do.

I am thankful when God is clear on what He wants us to do and what blessings we can expect to get from doing it. Through one of His chosen spokesmen, He has very clearly spelled out how we ought to use the Book of Mormon and what blessings we can gain from it. Now, my job is to actually follow President Nelson's counsel and prayerfully study the Book of Mormon daily and immersively, especially since I would like to receive the blessings we've been promised for doing so.

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