Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mixed Alignments

Normally, when a person plays D&D, they play the role of a hero. These characters typically slay monsters, defeat villains, and save the day. But life's not that simple. There aren't just good guys and bad guys in the world. We all have some good and some bad. Sure, most people have more of one than the other, but in real life (and in most good stories) every "bad" person has redeeming qualities and every good person has flaws. People are complex. They can't be summed up with labels like Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil. And that's why it's important not to judge people too soon or too absolutely. You may think you've got a pretty good idea what kind of person a particular person is, but that person can still surprise you, for good or for bad. When applied to people, "Good" and "Bad" are generalizations that are far too broad to be useful. We're all both good and bad sometimes. That's what makes us such great characters.

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