Friday, February 16, 2018

Taking It On Faith

The more I study Philosophy, the more glad I am for religion. Philosophers ask deep, important questions, but they rely on themselves to come up with the answers, so various philosophers produce conflicting answers. I believe in objective truths and objective moral values, but I don't have to rely on myself or any other human to tell me what many of them they are. God already did. And the answers God hasn't given us yet are either within our grasp or not terribly important. Of course, I'm not giving up on learning or thinking just because God already gave us all the answers we really need. I'll keep trying to figure Philosophy out. It's just not as urgent for me as it is for some people. Some philosophers seem to think that it's up to us to find all of the answers to life's important questions, that it's up to us to discover the truth, using only our own reasoning and logic. For the record, I have nothing against reasoning and logic. I think they're important! But we have other ways of learning the truth, and while I think that we human beings can and should learn God's Truth and the logic behind it for ourselves, until we manage that, I'm happy with taking it on faith.

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