Friday, February 2, 2018

The Philosophers' Concept of God

My Philosophy class continues to remind me why I'm glad I'm a Mormon. Modern philosophers like Rene Descartes and Baruch Spinoza wrestle with a concept of God that is practically incomprehensible, yet the truth about God isn't difficult to grasp. God isn't some formless, omnipresent being that exists outside of space and time. He is a man who has done more learning and growing than a man could do in a thousand lifetimes. I don't think He's omnipotent; I think His power is still growing. Though, compared to us, He might as well be omnipotent. The same thing goes for omniscience. He doesn't know everything because there will always be more new things to learn, though He certainly knows a lot more than any of us do. I'll grant that He is eternal, in that He will never truly die, but the same can also be said for us. The God I worship is just like anybody else, just a lot farther along than any of us are. Also, I'm glad I'm not a philosopher with a drive to prove everything with logic alone. I'm glad that I have a concept of God that I can wrap my head around, and I'm glad that I'm satisfied to take God's existence on faith.

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