Monday, March 5, 2018

A Life We Can't Reload

My brother and I are fairly engrossed in the game we're playing together, in which we're having some fun playing around with an unofficial mechanic of most video games: time travel. In this game (and many others), we are able to save the game, and even make copies of the save, and then load or reload whatever save we want. For example, we can save the game before making a reckless and/or permanent decision, make the decision, see how it turns out, and then reload the save we made before we made the decision. This allows us to experience multiple branching paths and to keep only the paths that work out well for us.

Needless to say, this doesn't work in real life. We can't "save" or "reload" different versions of our lives, and the only way to really know how a decision will turn out is to actually, permanently, make that decision. After we made a few reckless decisions in the game, my brother reloaded a save from before we made those decisions, stating that, in real life, he would have been more cautious. We all spend most of our lives in "real life," a life that we cannot reload, so we would to well to be cautious and to make our decisions deliberately, especially since we can never go back and change our decisions.

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