Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Adventure with Friends

When a person goes on a trip. they rarely go alone. They usually go with at least one friend or family member, both for safety and to share the experience. I wonder if we did that when we came to Earth.

I know that we knew each other as brothers and sisters in the premortal spirit world, but with some trillions of brothers and sisters, I can imagine us knowing some of our siblings better than others. Perhaps, of our spirit siblings, we had already made some close friends. I wonder if God arranged for some of us to come to Earth together, perhaps not as twins, but as siblings or other family members, or as people who would meet and become friends on Earth.

I would like to think that some of us already knew each other before we were born. Having that personal connection already established in heaven might make it easier for us to connect with each other here. We might be able to understand each other better and have better, stronger relationships here. We might be able to better look out for each other and keep each other safe. I like the idea that at least some of us were friends before we were born.

Alternatively, perhaps we didn't know each other all that well in the spirit world and we're making lots of new friends here. Either way, I'm glad that we get to share this experience with each other, and I'm looking forward to sharing our stories with each other when we get back together. Life is full of adventure, and adventure is always better when you share it with friends.

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