Sunday, March 4, 2018

Playing Together

My brother and I recently started playing a new game. It's a puzzle/exploration game with a mysterious story. At first, I thought we could play the game separately, since it's not common for us both be free to play it at the same time. I would play when I would, and he would play when he could, and we would try to keep pace with each other on average. But I discovered a day or so ago that that wouldn't be as much fun as playing it together. We wouldn't be able to discuss the story together, because one person would know more about it than the other. We wouldn't be able to solve the puzzles together because one of us would already know the answer. I decided that, even though I had the opportunity to play ahead, I didn't want to. I didn't want to get ahead of my brother because I wanted for us to be able to play together. Sure, playing together means that we'll progress at a slower rate than either of us would have on our own, but it will be more enjoyable, and it'll be something we can bond over. Playing separately would have had its advantages, and it was somewhat tempting, but it will be more fun for both of us if we limit ourselves to only playing together.

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