Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Anytime Messiah

Because I had a fairly busy schedule earlier this month, I missed an opportunity to attend a Messiah sing-along, which is too bad because I think I would have enjoyed it. Handel's Messiah is probably the greatest set of music ever created, and many parts are fun to sing along to. The good news for me is that I don't actually have to attend a sing-along concert to sing along to it. I have the internet. A quick Youtube search for "Handel's Messiah," perhaps throwing in keywords like "complete" or "lyrics," will give me access to all the Messiah music I want, and as long as I sing quietly enough not to bother my sister in the other room, I see no reason why I couldn't sing along with the music as well. I can have my own one-man Messiah sing-along concert almost any time I want! I'm thankful for that (though, by this time tomorrow, my sister might not be). I'm thankful that it's so easy to access good music like the Messiah, and I'm thankful that the actual Messiah is even easier to access. We can pray and talk with the Messiah any time we feel like it, and we can usually do so without bothering anybody. It's a great blessing to be able to have an audience with the King of Kings any time we want to and that we can sing His praises any time, whether there's an audience or not.

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