Sunday, December 31, 2017

Facing Affliction as a Family

One positive thing about adversity that often gets overlooked is its ability to bring people together. When a group faces a problem together, they usually end up with a stronger bond by the time the adversity has been overcome. That is what I think and hope is happening with my immediate family as we cope with the illness my mom and I have had for the last few days. We've had to lean on each other most than usual. We've had to be patient with one another and try harder to work together, and I think that's helping us to become a stronger family group. We don't often do things together, but enduring this illness is something we've had to pull together on, and I'm thankful that we've been able to work together to help each other get through this. It hasn't been easy, but this has been exactly the kind of experience that can help us grow closer together. By the time we all overcome this illness, I think we'll be glad that we were able to do it as a family.

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