Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Difficult Moral Questions

Most of my blogworthy thoughts lately have been too heavy and/or too complicated for me to blog about with the time and brainpower I have left. I will say this, though: Life is complicated. Life is filled with difficult moral questions that tend to force people to think very hard about what they believe and which values they most treasure. Over the course of asking myself such questions, I find myself most valuing fairness and people's rights to make their own decisions, provided that they're not hurting others. Unfortunately, those guidelines only go so far in helping me determine what I think is right or wrong, and I doubt that God intends to give us all the answers. There are some situations that the commandments don't explicitly cover. In those situations, we have to use our moral judgment and answer those questions ourselves. Life is a test, after all. What sort of test would it be if it didn't ask us difficult questions?

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