Thursday, April 19, 2018

One Thing at a Time

You know that feeling when you wished you hadn't committed to so many things? I've got that feeling right now. I have a very busy next few days ahead of me, mostly full of meeting various people in various places for various reasons, and I don't really mind doing any of them. I'm actually looking forward to a few of them. What I mind is that they are mostly happening one right after another, and there's at least one other thing that I had wanted to do, but it conflicts with something I'm planning on doing. I'm booked, and I'm starting to feel swamped.

I believe that what's most important for me at the moment is to take these many obligations one at a time. Problems are overwhelming when you look at them together, but if you take them one at a time, they become much more manageable. So, that's my goal for this weekend, to focus on one event or meeting at a time. The only meeting that matters is the next one. If I face them one at a time, odds are that I'll be able to face them well.

I'm going to get through this weekend, and I'm going to do it by taking it one day, and one meeting, at a time.