Monday, April 23, 2018

Tools to Reduce Challenges

A few hours ago, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the dishes I had to do. There was a pile of dirty plates in the sink and another pile of dirty pots on the stove. But shortly thereafter, I had it all taken care of. The plates were in the dishwasher, ready to be washed, and the pots were in the drying rack, having been washed by hand. What had looked like a daunting job turned out to be fairly quick and easy.

I wonder how much of life is like that. Many challenges in life appear daunting, but perhaps some of them aren't.

Of course, doing all those dishes that quickly and easily wouldn't have been possible without the dishwasher. As with life, having and using the right tools can make all the difference. There are many tools that can make various jobs easier. Often, we just need to find the right tools and learn how to use them.

Life is full of challenges, but not all of them have to be as challenging as they appear. So, instead of getting overwhelmed by the challenges before us, let's use the tools we have available to us and see if they can make our challenges any easier.

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Allison said...

With our large family I used some tools too. We doubled up on the dishes, one washing by hand, the other drying and putting away. When we cleaned, we played music or set a timer so we wouldn't be at it all day. Clothes were folded while we watched TV. Other tools I've used to reduce the challenge includes doing homework the first day instead of the last day, and gardening in the cool of the morning instead of in the heat of the afternoon. Time management is a big part of it. Good music can cure a lot of the rest. Thanks for your post.