Thursday, April 5, 2018

God's Circle of Love

Despite the recommended Attention Activity being only somewhat related to the lesson I'm teaching in Primary this Sunday, I'm definitely going to use it because of its powerful message. The activity is to draw a bit circle on the chalkboard and call it the circle of love. Inside the circle, we'll write down some people we love, like our various family members, our friends, our classmates, et cetera. Then we'll explain that, as we become more Christlike, we'll begin to feel Christlike love for more people, including people we don't know very well, or at all, like our neighbors or people we see walking down the street, or at the grocery store.

Then we'll come to the ultimate revelation that Jesus Christ loves EVERYONE, even the people who hate Him. He even showed love for the people who killed Him while they were killing Him, but that's not part of this weeks lesson. This week's lesson is about Abraham and Lot, but I can blog more about that tomorrow. For now, I think it's enough to remember that every person who ever (or never) lived is within God's circle of love. God loves everyone. Friends, enemies, everyone. And as we grow to be more like Him, we're going to feel more love for more people, too, even the people we don't know or don't like. God includes everyone in His circle of love, and as we become more like Him, so will we.

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