Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How To Rest?

I could stand to learn how to rest. This morning and early afternoon, I did a good deal of physical labor, which wasn't too bad, except that it was exhausting. Later this afternoon, after I had had a shower, I had an opportunity to rest, and I kinda took it. I did hardly anything for a few hours, yet it wasn't exactly restful, and I was still tired hours later. Maybe I should have taken a nap?

I'm starting to think that rest requires more than just doing nothing. There's a technique to it, and I'd like to learn it. I want to know how I can rest effectively, especially if that will help me know how to rest and recover more quickly. 

I don't like how I feel and act when I feel tired and/or stressed. If I could learn how to stop feeling that way, that'd be great.

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