Thursday, June 17, 2021

Missing Hymns

Today, I was reminded how much I love singing hymns, perhaps not so much in a church setting, but just on my own, where I can sing whatever hymn(s) I feel like singing and take the time to think about the lyrics. I used to sing hymns a lot when I went to the Temple, but I stopped doing that around the time I started to write down my thoughts instead. Frankly, until today, it had probably been several months since I had sung hymns and really meant what I was singing, with maybe one or two exceptions some time in the last few months. The hymnal is full of important messages, both to say and to hear, and I've been missing them.

The scary part was that I hadn't realized I was missing them. Perhaps it was something like the boiling frog, but in reverse. I didn't realize how cold I had been gradually getting until I sang a hymn that warmed my heart. I'm glad this happened. I'm glad I was reminded today of how important hymns are to me, and I'm glad to have them back in my life. I had forgotten how much I need them. Now, I just need to try not to forget again.

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