Monday, June 14, 2021

Lifted to Tuna

My brother's cat, Velox, likes tuna, but she doesn't like being picked up, so when the tuna she was looking for was up on an appliance, and she didn't know where it was, she was in a bit of a bind. Fortunately for her, my brother picked her up, despite her protest, and got her to the tuna she wanted, even though that wasn't necessarily how she wanted to get there.

I imagine that this situation plays out fairly often with us. We want blessings, and God knows how to get us those blessings, but unfortunately, the way to get the blessings isn't always as smooth or pleasant as we would like. There are times when, through various afflictions, God helps us get the blessings we want, despite the temporary discomfort we have to experience to get them.

If we really want the blessings we're looking for, we should learn to trust God enough to get us to them, even if the path to our blessings is harder than any that we would willingly choose to follow. We should learn to let God lift us up to the blessings He offers us, even though that means letting our feet leave the ground. We have to give up some of our comfort and control, but what we get in exchange is worth it. In the end, Velox was grateful enough for the tuna to be willing to forgive my brother for picking her up. When we receive our promised blessings, I'm sure we'll be grateful enough for them to forgive God for whatever He had to do to help us get them.

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